Advanced Air Technologies, Inc. offers solutions for both hospital abatement of ethylene oxide (ETO or EO) used in sterilization, and industrial or commercial applications involving ETO, EO, or propylene oxide (PO). Please select the link below that fits your requirements.

Ethylene Oxide (EtO or EO) Scrubbers 
The Safe-Cell Series™ by Advanced Air Technologies

Proven, Tested Ethylene Oxide Emissions Protection


The Safe-Cell Series™ is a unique ethylene oxide destruction process designed primarily for the sterilization industry. It is highly adaptable and functions well on all types of gas sterilizers and aeration exhaust systems. Whether your process contains concentrated, diluted or merely traces of EtO, Safe-Cell Series™ ethylene oxide EtO scrubbers can provide removal compliance to meet federal and local regulations.

The Safe-Cell system combines our custom wet scrubber technology with our patented dry bed system in one compact unit. The first stage utilizes an acid hydrolysis scrubber that removes high concentrations of EtO from the air stream and safely converts it to ethylene glycol. The second stage is a dry bed filter where the remaining EtO is destroyed by our patented dry chemical reactant material.

Features and Benefits

  • Install On Any EtO or EO gas Sterilizer
  • Handle Multiple Sterilizers/loads 
  • No High-Temperature Duct 
  • Safest Available Technology 
  • Room Temperature Operation 
  • Industry Proven – Tested 
  • Performance Guaranteed

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