Apollo HCl Air Scrubber Withstands Sub Zero Temperatures

A steel mill located in a very northern climate uses large quantities of 36% by weight Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) for pickling, which emits vapor phase HCl, a colorless, corrosive and pungent gas.  HCl has an Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH) concentration of 50 ppmv with OSHA Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) of 5 ppmv.   HCl is also a Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP), having highly regulated air emissions.



Safe Cell™ 2002 Tackles Tough Ethylene Oxide Application

Advanced Air Technologies, Inc. Safe Cell Model 2002 solves Ethylene Oxide emissions generated during sterilization process for an overseas hospital.  A cost effective solution in both capital costs and operating costs the Safe Cell Model 2002 Scrubber met the challenge.


casestudy02Orion Scrubber Performs Double Duty Application

Advanced Air Technologies, Inc. Orion Series Emergency Scrubber was the air scrubber of choice for an overseas gas blending and bottling plant.  AAT designed and built a simple, cost effective, low maintenance and reliable scrubber system.


apollo_scrubberApollo Scrubber Teams Up With Thermal Oxidizer

Advanced Air Technologies, Inc. Apollo Series Ejector Venturi Air Scrubber was chosen by an oil refinery for controlling VOC tank emissions during filling.  AAT met the challenge with a cost effective scrubber solution.



Particulate Air Scrubber Works like a Charm – No Smoke and Mirrors:

Advanced Air Technologies Inc. multi-stage Orion smoke particulate scrubber was installed for scrubbing of smoke particulates and aerosols. This unique Air Scrubber design features: multiple stage spray cooler, wet venturi air scrubber and HEPA filtration bank unit.



Safe Cell™ I and II – The One-Two Punch:

071310 Site Picture 15-MAR-08

Advanced Air Technologies, Inc. combination wet and dry system’s economical design, relatively low operating costs, safe and easy operation, demonstrated an overall Ethylene Oxide removal efficiency of 99.999%




Stainless-Steel-Fume-ScrubberAAT Acid Gas Scrubber Produces 98% Sulfuric Acid

Advanced Air Technologies, Inc designed and produced an acid gas scrubber system to treat acid gas fumes into a reusable 98% Sulfuric Acid used else ware in the plant.





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