At Advanced Air Technologies, we pride ourselves on the flexibility, quality, performance and innovation of all our air scrubbers. So naturally, we are delighted to serve a wide range of markets. Each and every one of our robust Air Scrubber units is beyond compare, our customer service is second to none, and our Engineering services can find and design an exact scrubber to fit your needs.  Advanced Air is your single source for air scrubbing units and is uniquely well-suited to these markets and more:

Pharmaceutical Mfg

icon9Working in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, there is always a need to reduce and control chemical, particulate and odors.

Our systems ensure a clean bill of health and keep employees and processes safe.

Advanced Air Technologies offers the perfect, cost-effective solution to meet industry and government standards of air cleaning quality.

Hospital Sterilization

icon2Imagine what our air scrubbers mean for hospital & commercial sterilization applications. Removing bacteria, viruses and/or contaminants  from your working and outside environment. Our machines work hard to not only keep work areas and instruments clean, but keep employees, patients, doctors and the environment safe, clean and healthy.

Advanced Air Technologies offers the perfect, cost-effective solution to meet industry and government standards of air cleaning quality.

Chemical Mfg

icon8Advanced Air can help improve your bottom line with a reliable and cost effective solution to air quality inside and outside your chemical manufacturing operation.

Using one of our full line of Acid Gas, Ammonia, Chlorine, Sulfide or NOx air scrubbers you can ensure proper clean air treatment for your facility. Our reliable, effective systems are capable of supporting all phases of the chemical manufacturing process.

Food Industry

foodiconNow is the time to look closely at Advanced Air for experienced, cost effective air cleaning from particulates and fumes emitted during the process of food production.

Advanced Air Technologies, has the solution for scrubbing air free from spice particulates and cleansing solution fumes. Our advanced, forward thinking solutions allows greater efficiency and cost savings when you are considering your next air scrubbing installation or maintenance.


icon6With global competition in the industrial field driving higher production levels, you need to work smarter.

Advanced Air Technologies builds Air Scrubbers that not only meet your particular need – but operate efficiently and cost effectively.  To clean up even the harshest of petro-chemical air environments and conditions, Advanced Air is here to help.

Alternative Energy

icon4Whether you are manufacturing silicon cells, lithium batteries or semi conductors, Advanced Air Technologies innovative solutions will assist your process.

Our air scrubbers keep your working environment particulate and dust free, but also remove noxious gasses and emissions and prevent them from entering the atmosphere.

Proudly serving customers worldwide.