Air Scrubber Engineering & Design Corunna MI

IMG_1328AAT has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the engineering, design, manufacture and operation of air pollution control air scrubbers. Our staff of professionals combine their talents to produce quality systems to meet all complex standards. We use the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) technological tools to ensure a comprehensive engineering and submittal package. Our knowledge of air pollution control systems and environmental requirements can help clarify communication with the various agencies involved in meeting our customer’s clean air regulations.

Perhaps most unique in our industry is AAT’s customer-friendly concept to design, fabricate, and supply. We offer flexibility and choice of air scrubber components from basic piping to program control logic. This unique flexibility assures that our system is specifically designed for you and will be fully integrated into your facility environment. Each step of the process is geared toward two important goals: safe equipment and customer satisfaction.

When applications require more data than a customer can provide, we can furnish one of our rental scrubbers to gather the additional information needed. This equipment can be extremely valuable in evaluating difficult applications and new processes.

Advanced Air Technologies

With Thousands of Scrubbers in Operation Worldwide, AAT has proven Worldwide Expertise in the Engineering and Design of the Following Systems:

AAT has a solution if you need to control odors, acid, chemical, and NOx fumes at your facility. Our fume capture, control and scrubbing exhaust systems can prevent dangerous environmental releases, ensure regulatory compliance, and protect employee safety and health. Assistance will ensure that you receive the best possible scrubber for your application are engineering and our design, fabrication, control system engineering, and installation.

Proudly serving customers worldwide.