Air Scrubber Fabrication Corunna MI

scrubber_fabricationOur certified and experienced welders and fabricators provide quality manufacturing for our entire line of air pollution control products. AAT’s quality assurance program ensures that each system sold is crafted to exact specifications and will meet your specific operational and performance needs. Every air scrubber system is inspected and operated prior to leaving our plant.

AAT specializes in the fabrication of corrosion resistant pollution control devices. Our manufacturing staff is well trained and experienced in the art of welding all types of thermoplastic material, including PVC, CPVC, PT, HDPE


AAT also provides additional material choices in fiberglass (FRP), 304/316 stainless, and other specialty alloys such as AL6XN.

AAT manufactures vessels and ducting in accordance to well established standards such as SMACNA, ASTM, and API. We are proud of the quality we build into every system and we stand behind our equipment with workmanship and performance guarantees.

Air Scrubber Installation

P1040382_ThmMany companies just design and fabricate their air scrubbers and leave the installation up to you. We can provide expert installation and system integration services performed by qualified engineers and installers.

Our goal is customer service to make your interaction with AAT as easy and accommodating as possible. We invite your inquiry and the opportunity to be of service.

Advanced Air Technologies, Inc.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith Thousands of Scrubbers in Operation Worldwide, AAT has the proven Worldwide Expertise in the Engineering and Design of the Following Systems:

AAT has a solution if you need to control odors, acid, chemical, and NOx fumes at your facility. Our fume capture, control and scrubbing exhaust systems can prevent dangerous environmental releases, ensure regulatory compliance, and protect employee safety and health. Assistance will ensure that you receive the best possible scrubber for your application are engineering and our design, fabrication, control system engineering, and installation.


Proudly serving customers worldwide.