Acid Scrubber Corunna MI

Advanced Air Technologies, Inc. provides acid gas scrubbers to a wide variety of industries. We offer a complete air scrubber system package, including instrumentation and controls, caustic storage tank and metering pump, and skid-mounting of equipment for ease of installation.

Orion Particulate Scrubber Principle of Operation

AAT acid gas air scrubbers are most effective when using caustic water as a reagent, but more soluble gases may be effectively scrubbed using only water. In some cases, special mist elimination techniques are used to prevent acidic ‘fog’ from exiting the air scrubber.

AAT air scrubber designs utilize a variety of gas-liquid contacting methods, depending on what is optimum for a given application or set of conditions. These methods include packed beds, spray towers or water jets. Acid recovery is possible for soluble acids.

Typical acid gases consist of sulfur dioxide (SO2), hydrogen chloride (HCl), and hydrogen fluoride (HF). These gases are emitted from sources such as boilers, catalytic oxidizers for halogenated solvents, storage tank vents, and by various chemical processes. Less common acid gases include hydrogen bromide (HBr), hydrogen cyanide (HCN), and various organic acids such as acetic or propionic acids. All of these compounds pose potential threats to the environment. Sulfur dioxide is a precursor to acid rain. Hydrogen cyanide and hydrogen fluoride are highly toxic. In general, all acids are corrosive, and uncontrolled emissions can damage nearby vehicles, buildings and structures.



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