AAT, Inc. will determine the optimum number of air scrubber stages and chemistries for a given NOx stream and treatment goal. Techniques for minimizing water and chemical usages are also incorporated into our air scrubber designs. We offer a complete package, including instrumentation and controls, chemical storage tanks and metering pumps, wastewater pretreatment system, and skid-mounting of air pollution control equipment for ease of installation.

Nitrogen oxides (NOx) are a chemical family consisting of several compounds, the three most common of which are nitrous oxide (N2O), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and nitric oxide (NO). Nitrous oxide is the “laughing gas” frequently administered to dental patients, and has no significant environmental hazards. Nitrogen dioxide causes excessive stack opacity and is an air pollutant linked to acid rain. Nitric oxide is an air pollutant, since it reacts with oxygen to form nitrogen dioxide.

AAT, Inc. Orion series NOx Air Scrubber Systems may incorporate as many as six scrubbing steps in-series, depending on NOx constituents and concentrations. Unlike other acid gases, NOx is not effectively scrubbed using caustic water alone. Strong reducing and/or oxidizing agents applied sequentially are also required. Furthermore, extended tower packing bed heights are required. Since the best reducing agent for NO2 air scrubber is sodium hydrosulfide (NaHS), a final odor control air scrubber to prevent hydrogen sulfide (H2S) slip may also be desirable.


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